Workshops & Retreats



Cultivating Creativity Yoga Workshop with Kristen Peterson Miller

Saturday, February 24th 11AM-1PM $25

Calling all creative thinkers!

With a more focused and calm mind, we can move more directly towards what we really want. Learn how to ignite a creative spark by exploring avenues in yoga that can be beneficial to the creative process. In this 90-minute workshop we will navigate through
breath work, movement and meditation all geared towards cultivating creativity.

Sign up HERE!

Workshop at Haute Jupiter: 5430 Military Trail #76 Jupiter FL 33458


Santosha Soul Flow

Friday, March 9th 530PM-7PM $25


Ignite your transformational experience with SOULful vinyasa yoga led by Audrey Sutton. Through meditation, intuitive movement and breath, you will powerfully connect to your True Self, your heart and Soul that loves you unconditionally and celebrates you. In this heart fire flow, you will focus on heart opening poses and pranayama to  tune into your highest energy state of love, abundance and limitless potential.

You deserve this sacred time to renew, love and empower yourself. All levels welcome. Sign up here!

Workshop at Haute Yoga Clematis – 225 Clematis Street #200 WPB FL 33401


Anahata Chakra Yin Melt

Saturday, March 10th, 1PM-3PM $40

Enjoy 2 hours of bliss, self-love and self-care with Audrey Sutton, including yin deep stretch + hands on massage + essential oils to relax your body and mind.

Anahata (Heart) Chakra is your 4thchakra governing love, connection and compassion and is the gateway to your higher consciousness, abundance and inspiration. Audrey will guide you through a meditation in movement to surrender resentment and past conditioning and connect to your True Self through compassion and forgiveness. This is a powerful ritual that will unite you with your Higher Self allowing you to step into your power and divine radiance.

Replenish, revive, and restore during this deeply calming and empowering mind-body experience. All levels welcome. Sign up here!

Workshop at Haute Yoga Clematis – 225 Clematis Street #200 WPB FL 33401