Our Teachers

holly pic2Holly Miller Weston

Having grown up in Palm Beach, it had been her dream to one day open a yoga studio on the Island. Her passion for yoga began while studying Theatre at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. It was a requirement to take a yoga class to center oneself before acting class commenced in the morning.  While living in New York, owning a successful Fashion public relations firm, She had the opportunity to take classes wit Sharon Gannon during the birth of Jivamukti. It was love at first chant! She practiced religiously until she fell in love and moved back “home” to Palm Beach. Holly has since completed two 200 hour trainings at both Bindu Yoga Studio and Twin Power Yoga plus countless workshops.

With her beautifully chaotic life of raising three children 4 years old and younger, yoga has given her patience, balance and compassion. Thru teaching, Holly hopes to inspire and spread love and light to the community.


Bailey Smithbml

Bailey, an avid gym member and runner, tried Bikram yoga in 2009 for its tough reputation. Upon moving to Colorado, Bailey dug deeper into all facets of yoga and became 200 hour certified in Hatha yoga as well as 60 hour certified in Hot yoga. Starting from being a Karma Yogi to a Social Media Manager helped form the devoted and useful yogi who understood what it took to keep a studio the perfect sanctuary for others to practice.

Meeting Holly through Instagram, Bailey moved back to West Palm Beach and is now the Kavi (Manager) of Haute Yoga. Dedicated to the continued growth of her own practice as well as the company of Haute Yoga,  she  could not feel more blessed and happy to be a part of this family and bask in this culture & community daily.



Ashley Herndonash

Ashley has been active since she was a baby, name a sport and she has participated. Ranging from gymnastics,competitive cheerleading, soccer, softball to numerous styles of dance. While working with people to develop lifestyle changes through their eating habits, Ashley began to fall in love with yoga more and more. She realized how precious this “work in/work out” was for her, and soon embarked on a yoga teacher program. Her lighthearted classes remind you to take life with a smile, be playful and explore. Ashley advocates YOM ( yoga off mat) on a daily basis, this has helped with her anxiety tremendously. Ashley teaches slow flow, power vinyasa, yin, SUP Yoga, yoga for cancer survivors, yoga bootcamp and take flight inversion classes.

When she isn’t teaching, Ashley is a student with a dream of being a nurse practitioner specializing in holistic birth/yoga studio/mommy and me classes facility one day. She also loves nature, surfing, diving, paddleboarding, eating, my puppies and anything involving the sun and salt water. Come play with this fun yogi!


Courtney Fisch


Courtney has been a certified group fitness instructor and personal trainer since 1997 and a yoga devotee since 1999.  She believes in making health and fitness a lifestyle and not just something you do for an hour a

day.  Courtney’s Haute Booty is group strength training class geared towards targeting the key muscle groups that will allow more endurance and power in your vinyasa.  Don’t be scared of all those lunges- they make holding Warrior II a breeze!




Valerie Vermeulen


Valerie has been practicing ashtanga vinyasa yoga for 13 years, since 2002.

She loves to share her passion for this dynamic purifying system.  Her classes are challenging and nurturing.

She is known for giving intuitive adjustments and having a warm accepting presence, and if you are lucky enough to catch her on the days that she brings her guitar and serenades the class in Sanskrit while in savasana.  She is also a practitioner of Thai massage.



Katherine Wilder


Katherine’s yoga journey began in 2001 with an invitation to join a friend for a power yoga class at the YMCA, that was all it took.  She left class feeling so expand and free as well as intimately connected in her body and mind that she knew she needed to share this gift with as many people as she could.  In 2004, this desire to teach lead Katherine to The Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica for a month long intensive of diving deep into herself and the teachings of the ancient system of yoga.  It was the first time that she began to experience these Universal Truths and a sense of  “remembering” that all of the answers have always been within.

Her asana practice and self study deepened for several years which then lead her to the philosophy of Tantric Yoga through the Anusara Yoga method.  These teachings have had the most influence on Katherine’s life, yoga practice, and teaching style, unveiling the deepest experience and understanding of connection between the spirit, mind, & body. It is this understanding that fuels her teachings, Katherine encourages her students to remember the importance of having fun and how to play in the realms of the mind and body liberating the spirit.  She has learned through experience that creating proper alignment in the mind and body allows for freedom in heart.  It is through the power of these potent teachings that Katherine’s light playful nature lives and her classes encourage others to do the same. Katherine’s yoga practice and teachings have been accompanied by a therapeutic massage practice for the past 15 years, which shows up in her classes as a deep understanding of how the body works and lots of yummy hands on adjustments. Katherine is most grateful and blessed for all the amazing teachers in her life that have so openly shared their wisdom, passion, and hearts along this path of consciousness. She desires to share the same with her students.
“To live a creative life, we must lose the fear of being wrong.”
~ Joseph Chilton Pierce


Kate McCabe


Kate first found yoga as a complement to her rigorous running routine about 10 years ago as a high school freshman. What began as a purely physical practice has since blossomed into a way of life for this young yogi. In October of 2015, Kate completed her RYT-200 Teacher Training at Haute Yoga Palm Beach, studying under Holly Miller Weston and Audrey Sutton. She holds Bachelor’s Degrees in both Psychology and Nutrition, and is the founder of Solful Health – a wellness, food, and lifestyle blog and nutritional counseling practice. Having been trained in alignment-based Hatha, Vinyasa, and Yin yoga practices, Kate enjoys teaching energizing yet restorative classes. Through connection to the breath, challenging yet meditative flows, and quieting the mind, Kate creates opportunities for her students to relieve anxiety and tension, cultivate gratitude, and regain balance. As a yoga teacher, Kate hopes to help others achieve vibrant mental and physical health in their daily lives.



Ashley Broniszewskiashb

Ashley is a National Yoga Alliance instructor who holds a 200 hour certification in Vinyasa Yoga.  She was born and raised in North Palm Beach, Florida and holds a BS in Integrative Health Sciences. Ashley fell in love with yoga in 2006 and has practiced many styles since. With a background in gymnastics, yoga seemed like a natural progression, but the more she studied the intricate details of alignment-based yoga revealed themselves. She particularly enjoys the physical challenge combined with the graceful and intelligent transitions in Vinyasa yoga. Her classes focus on proper anatomical alignment and allowing the breath to guide the movement. Ashley is also certified in Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga and Prenatal Yoga.




Bob Hiemstra bob

Bob took his first yoga class in 1998. It was given in a friend’s backyard in the shade of a large oak tree. He didn’t have a mat, beach towels were spread out on the grass. That began the journey that has led to this moment.Bob is incredibly grateful to his many teachers, Cindi Lee, Sharon Gannon, David Life and all of the wonderful teachers at the Jivamukti Yoga School. He completed his 200 hour teacher training in 2014, studying extensively with James Kigar, Judy Weaver, and Tammy Heckman at Yoga South. His classes blissfully align breath with movement. They are focused, flowing, and fun. Bob sets his classes to an eclectic soundtrack and encourages his students to make the practice their own. He finds what we encounter on our mat is a mirror to how we approach what we encounter throughout our lives.


Kate Spencer katr

Kate grew up here in Palm Beach and has been practicing yoga on and off for 17 years, exploring various styles along the way (including Vinyasa, Bikram, Ashtanga, Hatha, Yin and Kundalini). After spending 5 years living and working in New York City in the fashion and publishing world, she moved back home to the beach to enjoy a healthier lifestyle and start a family. After the birth of her second child in 2014, she came back to her practice with a renewed appreciation and passion, finding a sanctuary on her mat from which she can cultivate peace, balance, strength and flexibility. Following her passion, she completed her 200 hour RYT training under Holly Weston and Audrey Sutton at Haute Yoga in October of 2015, focusing on the practice of Vinyasa and Yin yoga. She loves sharing this practice as a teacher, encouraging her students to focus on self-care and self-love as an essential foundation for being able to love and serve others.

Kate marvels at the sense of community here at Haute, and is grateful for the acceptance, compassion, love and encouragement we share with each other. She lives in West Palm Beach with her husband and two young children, and continues to be amazed at what yoga can do for the body, mind and spirit – both on and off the mat.




Lauren Carey Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Lauren Carey is a native of West Palm Beach Florida. As a classically trained ballet dancer, originally her main reason for practicing yoga was to cross train, burn calories, and sweat a little extra before dance class.  Little did she know it would turn out to be so much more meaningful, powerful, and special than that.
It wasn’t until after a serious injury did she truly find yoga to be overwhelmingly healing, both mentally and physically. After spending 8 years in New York City Lauren knew it was time to come back to her roots and share her love for yoga, dance, and the arts in South Florida. Lauren completed her 200 hour YTT certification here at Haute Yoga under the direction of Holly Weston and Audrey Sutton. Lauren was honored and humbled to join the faculty at Haute last year. As a yoga teacher she aims to renew dancers and non dancers alike; mind, body, and spirit. Her passion and knowledge of the physical body allows her to guide a powerful, anatomically based, and of course fun practice, rooted in the philosophy of the moving meditation, linking breath with movement.
Lauren is now the Artistic Director of Ballet Florida, a local contemporary dance Company and Academy.  Ballet Florida creates an environment that makes dance accessible to everyone through performance, training, and outreach.  Lauren is dedicated to enriching the community and our world through her work in yoga, dance, and beyond.




Deedra Ryder 11755802_112274492451156_2332154224817355871_n

Deedra started practicing yoga in 2002 when she lived on the island of Oahu. Surfing has always been a huge part of her life, the peaceful feeling in the water is the same peaceful feeling she has on the mat.

“Naturally the huge smile on my face in the water is the same huge smile I have when I teach as well.I love bringing the joy to the mat, the fun, the energy and the challenge. I like for people to break barriers and let out emotions, to move that stagnant energy and bring out the authentic self. Most of all I just want to see you smile. I couldn’t have been more fortunate to have been trained by Tamal Dodge, who I see as a “True Yogi.” I spent two years practicing and teaching in Venice Beach and Santa Monica. Again so grateful for the experience of being a small fish swimming with all those big fish out there. I miss the access to such great information all the time, but I am so happy to be home after ten years of traveling. Home is always where the heart is and I’m happy my home is always on the mat and in that beautiful ocean. Hope to see you there.”


Brittany Mckay image1

Brittany Rattinger-Mckay was born and raised in Palm Beach, Fl. She fell in love with yoga at an early age when she saw her mother practicing and studying Kripalu yoga at home. Being a lover of knowledge and theory, Brittany immediately began to study many methods of yoga including:  Krupalu, Ashtanga, Hatha, Bikram, Vinyasa etc. Brittany eventually put down the books, and at the age of 15, began her own journey on the mat, finding solace in a dedicated yoga practice. She discovered that her practice not only strengthened her body, but also transformed her mind and greatly diminished her anxiety.

Brittany wants to guide others while on their mats, in the same loving and kind manner that led her to ultimately discover peace in and out of the yoga studio. She utilizes all that she has learned, combining theory and practice in order to create a powerful, kind and thoughtful flow. Feel free to talk to her about all things yoga (or not yoga)! She’ll listen and discuss happily, always with a smile and an open heart.


John Brown image1

One class was all it took. After my first practice, I developed a deep love for yoga and its seemingly never-ending benefits. I believe in using yoga in order to develop not only the physical body but also quiet the mind and deepen the relationship with the Self. You’ll challenge your boundaries in my class as we focus on extreme detail to alignment and movement quality, with a specialization in inversions, arm balances, and overall strength. Join me.





Sara Lerner


Sara Lerner’s life long exploration of mind, body, and spirit led her to teacher training in 2006. Inspiring, honest,and enthusiastic, Sara’s expertise is in teaching an intuitive, intelligent and heart felt class. Sara’s classes offer the opportunity to rediscover breath, movement, flexibility, spaciousness, and opening to live a powerfully joyful life. Sara’s teaching is both playful and endlessly patient. Working with advanced and new students, athletes, and pregnant moms, Sara draws upon a skilled eye and hands for the healing applications of yoga. The practice of yoga is a practice for life. When not teaching yoga, you can find Sara making pottery on the potter’s wheel or spending time on our local beaches.Originally from New York, and mom of two, Alison who has a Masters in Elementary Education, founded Kidding Around. She teaches all over the county bringing yoga to the youth. A Haute Yoga 200 Hour Certified Yoga Teacher, Alison combined her love of children with her passion for yoga.”I love children and wanted to give them the tools to live through their heart and be able to find that sense of calm and peace inside themselves that we are always searching for as adults. Maybe just help them discover that spiritual  light that we all have inside of us and usually don’t find until later in life.”


Alison Berkery

Originally from New York, and mom of two, Alison who has a Masters in Elementary Education, created Kidding Around with Ali. She teaches all over the county bringing yoga to the youth. A Haute Yoga 200 Hour Certified Yoga Teacher, Alison combined her love ofchildren with her passion for yoga.

“I love children and wanted to give them the tools to live through their heart and be able to find that sense of calm and peace inside themselves that we are always searching for as adults. Maybe just help them discover that spiritual  light that we all have inside of us and usually don’t find until later in life.”



Jen Grodenjen

Jen took her first yoga class about 10 years ago when she was a busy Public Relations executive , but it wasn’t until a major transitional time in her life a few years after that class that yoga found her.  She fell in love with the beauty of the practice, and was amazed at how it helped her feel stronger, more balanced and centered.

Thanks to her daughter’s preschool teacher, she discovered Haute Yoga and the amazing teachers at the  studio.  That sealed her passion and commitment to her practice.  She found more space, more courage to explore, more opening in body and mind, and a sense of inner peace that she carried with her off the mat; and along with that,  a passion to delve deeper,  learn more and evolve more.

Jen completed her 200 hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training at Haute in 2016 under the direction of Holly Weston and Katherine Wilder, focusing on Vinyasa yoga.  She is currently training for an additional 300 hour certification  to achieve 500 RYT certification through Yoga Alliance . “I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to teach at Haute Yoga amongst teachers who are my inspirational mentors. What they have shared with me, I hope to share with others”


Jamie Tarasuk


My yoga journey began in 1999 when I stepped foot into my first class in a little studio in Miami Beach.  I was hooked.  I took 2 teachers trainings all while working a full time job in finance. Although my practice continued I didn’t start teaching until many years later. Having always enjoyed exercise and physical fitness but suffering from anxiety my mom suggested I try yoga for many years before I finally came to the mat.  I do enjoy and love the physical benefits of this practice!  But, over the years what has made me so drawn to go deeper has been how this practice has shifted everything for me spiritually and mentally.  Yoga brings to me a sense of calm and a contentedness that I have not found in anything else.  In my power yoga classes I like to challenge my students and guide them to meet their edge all while maintaining a connection to their breath and their physical body.  Without that connection we are not moving deeper but can stay disconnected.

I remember the first time I realized how important it was to move with a feeling of connection in a class I took years ago.  I could not get into a pose and every time I took the class I was nervous of that pose.  One day I said, if I don’t want to do the pose or if I only want to give a small effort that is okay.  When I began to let go of any expectations for myself my practice shifted and really moved forward.  I was guided by my connection and awareness to my body even though at the time I didn’t really understand what that meant.  I try to guide my students this same way.  Release expectations and let your breath guide you.  I could teach yoga every minute of every day I love every moment of it!  I love the connection to my students and their energy.  It has been a gift for me in my life and all I hope for when I teach is to spread that to others so they may find their light! Namaste Yogis!  See you on the Mat!!






Ilicia Koslow


I came to the yoga practice looking for healing from a car accident. My first practices were actually more meditation ,mantra, and pranayama (breathing practices) which I learned from my first yoga book gifted to me by my father (Integral  Hatha Yoga) once my body was finally strong enough I took my first vinyasa class at golds gym about 8 years ago, I immediately fell in love, this practice was such a challenge  that I just wanted to learn more. My  love for the practice led me to want to explore so I went to experience yin, kundalini, kirtan (bhakti), and restorative yoga. It was the begging of an unfolding and a rebuilding process for me, in which still I realize will always be in some way, in all hopes growth is evident in the life.  Practice not perfect. I took and graduated  my ytt 200 hour at kula yoga yoga shala the summer of 2012.

My intention as a teacher is to guide the body mind spirit in a purposeful way through the breath to create a sense of strength and openness not over doing it not under doing it. I have come to this point in my practice and my teaching that I believe purpose over creativity and steadiness and ease are so very important . MOST IMPORTANT is the BREATH, the breath is the guide! BREATH IS BOSS



Cameron Preston


With several years of experience, Cameron has combined her love for ashtanga yoga with Shiva Rea’s Prana Flow to offer a power Vinyasa class.  She trained with Shiva Rea in Venice, CA and is grateful for the opportunity to have studied with several yoga master including Dharma Mittra and Tim Miller.  Her classes are invigorating and challenging for all levels of practice with the focus on strength, energetic alignment and breathwave throughout the body.   Cameron incorporates a fun mix of music to help students find the authentic rhythm within their body.




Nikki Rattingernikki

Nikki lives a life of “metta” or “loving-kindness”, compassion, truth, friendship, faith, service, gratitude, and the wish for the happiness of others. She has studied and practiced almost all yoga disciplines, and finds herself happiest at Haute, where she can blend power and play with her favorite community. As a music and yoga teacher, she believes that her work provides her with a way to make a difference in our world today, as both practices can heal, connect us to others and to ourselves. It’s all about breath and breadth, literally going with the flow, acceptance, love and flexibility throughout our challenges on and off the mat. Finding balance does not have to be a struggle. It can be fun and sweaty. “We don’t stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing”. She is very proud of her fellow teacher-daughter Brittany, a certified and devoted Hautie.